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Making the Impossible, Possible

For more than 40 years, Chad Automation has brought leading-edge precision automation solutions to manufacturers around the world. These innovative solutions are born from a group of highly-skilled engineers that combine passion, creativity, and assembly design know-how with hands-on manufacturing and production experience. The result is reliable precision automation solutions tailored to meet your exacting needs.

At Jabil Chad, our team revels in the opportunity to meet challenges of precision alignment, handling, or assembly processes. Starting with our structured design process and our expert cross-functional engineering team’s knowledge, we can use off-the-shelf robots and assembly systems, or when necessary, design and fabricate components to generate the sub-micron accuracy required to build your next-generation products.

Case Study

We recently solved a challenge to automate the alignment and assembly of two optical components for an AR system. Each device had to be aligned to the other with exacting flatness, translation and rotation. We provided a line of equipment that dispensed three different types of adhesives, integrated ten axes on one machine, and seven axes for a second application, achieving a system repeatability to better than 10 microns. We met the customer’s accuracy requirements with a 2:1 improvement over their expectations.

Design for Automated Assembly

Designing for automated assembly (DFAA) can have real benefits to product cost, function and reliability. Designing for automation is often the first on the minds of designers who are focused on functionality and performance. We can work with your team to suggest ways to make your products better suited for automated production.

Chad is one of the few integrators that can support your team from the concept stage into production. Jabil Chad’s team offers DFAA and VAVE consultation to help you avoid the delays and costs of manufacturing changes. We can help you provide your manufacturing partner with the detailed design to make your NPI or scaling product a success.

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Maximizing Your Investment

Besides meeting the need for seemingly impossible sub-micron tolerances, your automation solution must have:

  • High productivity

  • Reduced cycle time

  • Minimized downtime

  • Future-proof flexibility to protect your investment

Jabil Chad’s solutions are built to last- even first article custom machines are built to last in production environments. Using best practices in engineering,  our automation platforms and base software are based on mature platforms that can be tailored to meet our customer’s needs– even if yours is a small project. In fact, our robust base platforms can be reconfigured to another application if your needs change, preserving your investment.  At the same time, our engineers are keeping abreast of market developments and opportunities to improve our baseline platforms.