• Enable Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics Integration

You’re in the business of building the next-generation of products, advancing consumers, businesses, and governments forward. Our job is to enable the manufacturing of those products using the advanced manufacturing techniques of the 21st century.

As industrial automation propels itself forward due to competitive pressures and rising labor rates, high repeatability assembly robots with a minimized footprint and unified control platform become the norm rather than the exception. These robotic platforms provide the ROI you’re looking for with the flexibility you require. Chad’s robotics capabilities include integrating multiple robot platforms and coordinate systems.

With the advent of Collaborative Robots, the ability for automation to literally work side by side with people is changing the face of the factory floor.  Collaborative robots may be easy to deploy, but experience in the field will enable them to be better utilized.  Chad Automation can provide that added capability.

  • Cartesian


  • Delta

  • 6-axis Articulated

  • Collaborative arms

Final Assembly and Sub-micron Precision

Chad engineers have a wide variety of experience and tools to meet your final assembly and inspection automation needs, no matter what the tolerances.

We’ve designed machines to assemble miniature cameras using vision servoing to 25µm down to 10µm, to 1µm, and nano positioning, and maintain position during adhesive dispensing and UV cure; all at a rate of 60uph.

We have produced equipment to assemble, bond and cure optical components that needed to be aligned to 5µm accuracy, designed around sub-micron positioners and nanometer scale sensors.Not all applications are such high precision. We also support common hand-assembly processes that need to be done faster or more consistently.

Common Applications

  • Lead Forming, trimming, clinching
  • Precision fluid and dispensing of low and high viscosity fluids including adhesives
  • Adhesion, bonding, sealing and lamination
  • Solid bead and powder reagent fill
  • Vacuum systems
  • Materials Handling
  • Pick and place
  • Labeling
  • Joining and welding
  • Robotic Soldering
  • Screwdriving