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Precision Assembly and Inspection

Mobile devices are becoming more and more capable. With more devices in the same package size, miniaturization is increasing at an increasing rate, requiring even higher precision automation requirements. Simultaneously, the industry’s cosmetics quality standards of surface quality, flushness, and gap uniformity require close attention to handling methods, which usually prohibits manual processes. 

At Jabil Chad, automating precision small parts assembly is our specialty, whether you require laser welding, adhesive bonding, screw fastening or many other processes.  To help you meet those challenging visual standards and equalize gaps, we may utilize selective assembly to “best fit” conditions, as well as provide equipment for vision-based inspection of gaps, laser measurement of flushness, and detection of surface finish flaws.


  • Lamination

  • High-Speed Pick and Place

  • Automated Cosmetic Inspection

  • Laser Welding

  • Precision Soldering

  • Screw Driving