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Quality in Automotive Assembly

Jabil Chad Automation has been building equipment for over 25 years to assemble automotive electronic components for infotainment systems, engine controls, airbag controls, electric seat controls, and dashboard assemblies for automobiles, construction equipment, lift trucks, golf carts, and more.

Automotive assemblies are typically medium to high volume, low mix type of products which have very demanding quality and yield requirements, strict delivery schedules, and very high reliability standards. Additionally, regulations and customers require traceability down to the component level. We can collect bar code information from circuit boards and component packaging or precision place barcode labels on the assembled device.

Our IQps workcell was designed particularly for odd form electronics assembly, as is typical of most automotive applications. Large capacitors, power transistors, and large connectors are common, and can all be handled by this workcell.

The AIM workcell provides back-end assembly process automation – like point soldering, masking and sealing, enclosure assembly, and screw fastening.



See how we can help automate your next automotive assembly project.