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Standard & Non-Standard Wafers

Jabil Chad Automation has been in the semiconductor automation industry for over 12 years. We have extensive experience with different wafer types, different OEM process tools, and different factory integration requirements. We utilize tools that enable us to provide leading-edge automation technology for the semiconductor industry.

The WaferMate™  automation platform handles a variety of substrates, including thin, warped, grooved, perforated, glass, film frames and reticles. We can supply standard wafer handling solutions to meet your non-standard wafer handling requirements.

  • Film Frame

  • Glass

  • Thin (50µm)

  • Warped (up to 6.6mm)

  • Trenched

  • Reticles

  • Substrate

Film Frame

Glass Wafer

Thin Wafer

Warped Wafer

Grooved Wafer